The Rat (1926)

Stars: Ivor Novello, Mae Marsh and Isabel Jeans
Director: Graham Cutts
Runtime: 83 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

The Rat

Director: Graham Cutts

Ivor Novello  ... Pierre Boucheron
Mae Marsh  ... Odile Etrange
Isabel Jeans  ... Zelie de Chaumet
Robert Scholtz  ... Herman Stetz
James Lindsay  ... Detective Caillard
Marie Ault  ... Mere Colline
Julie Suedo  ... Mou Mou
Hugh Brook  ... Paul
Esme Fitzgibbons  ... Madeleine Sornay

Rich Paris dilettante Zelie de Chaumet is board with her lavish lifestyle so her consort, the powerful Herman Stetz, takes her from attending posh theatres to the underworld dance hall the White Coffin. There Zelie becomes enthralled with 'The Rat' a thief and well known figure in the Paris underworld. Meanwhile Stetz has his own dark plans for the Rat's girl, innocent Odile.

83 minutes with a music score by David Knudtson