Walter Miller
(03/09/1892 - 03/30/1940)

A major star of silent serials Walter Miller had begun his professional career with various stock companies operating out of Jersey City, NJ. Onscreen with the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company from as early as 1912, Miller appeared in supporting roles in such melodramas as the still extant The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912), in which he played Lillian Gish's young husband.

Stardom came at the Pathé company in the 1920s, where he most fortuitously was teamed with the era's great serial queen Allene Ray in one popular chapterplay after another, ten in all, the team battling their way through such wild and woolly adventures as Sunken Silver (1925), their first, The Green Archer (1925), Hawk of the Hills (1927), and The Black Book (1929).

Ray did not fare well in talkies and retired but Miller found a berth with serial newcomer Mascot, who starred him in King of the Kongo (1929), The Lone Defender (1930), and King of the Wild (1930). But he floundered without Miss Ray by his side and since there was always something slightly sinister about his looks, which a deep voice only acerbated, Miller spent the remainder of his career on the wrong side of the law, appearing in countless B-movies, Westerns and crime yarns alike.

Available Films

Hawk of the Hills (1929)

The Lone Defender (1930)

Rogue of the Rio Grande (1930)

Street Scene (1931)

The Fighting Trooper (1934)