John Miljan
(11/09/1892 – 01/24/1960)

John Miljan was an American actor of Serbian descent. He appeared in 201 films between 1924 and 1958. He was the tall, smooth-talking villain in Hollywood films for almost four decades, beginning in 1923. He made his first sound film in 1927 in the promotional trailer for The Jazz Singer, inviting audiences to see the upcoming landmark film. In later years he played imposing, authoritative parts such as high-ranking executives and military officers. He is best remembered as General Custer in Cecil B. De Mille's film The Plainsman.

He died from cancer in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He was married to Victoire Lowe and adopted her two sons from her first marriage to Creighton Hale, the actor.


Available Films

The Final Extra (1927)

The Ghost Walks (1934)

Double Cross (1941)

Wildfire (1945)