Stars: Ralph Morgan, Marian Marsh, Kay Linaker & Gordon Oliver
Director: Raymond Cannon / Phil Rosen
Runtime: 63 minutes + 53 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

The Outer Gate - Youth on Parole

A crime drama double feature!

The Outer Gate

Director: Raymond Cannon

Ralph Morgan ... John Borden
Kay Linaker ... Lois Borden
Ben Alexander ... Bob Terry
Eddie Acuff ... Todd Snannon
Charles Brokaw ... Carmody

John Borden makes a mistake when he gets innocent and hardworking Bob Terry convicted for embezzling company money. Five years into Bob's sentence he is exonerated by the suicide confession of the real culprit, but by then the young man has been hardened by his time inside and he bitterly resents the man he used to admire. John feeling guilty and responsible  invites Bob into his home to try make it up to him but what will it take to make up for five years of suffering and labor. 63 minutes

Youth on Parole

Director: Phil Rosen

Marian Marsh ... Bonnie Blair
Gordon Oliver ... Phillip Henderson
Margaret Dumont ... Mrs. Abernathy
Peggy Shannon ... Peggy
Miles Mander ... The Sparkler
Sarah Padden ... Mrs. Blair
Wade Boteler ... Mr. Blair
Mary Kornman ... Mae Blair
Joe Caits ... Fingy
Milburn Stone ... Ratty
Harry Tyler ... Danny Hinkle
Ranny Weeks ... Michael Martin
Theodore von Eltz ... Public Defender
Ula Love ... Maizie
Paul Stanton ... Police Inspector

Two innocent strangers are set up to take the fall in a jewelry store robbery. Despite their pleas of innocent they are convicted and later released on parole after 18 months served. Trying to return to their previous lives proves difficult and their shared situation drawns them together. 53 minutes.