Lew Meehan
(09/07/1890 - 08/10/1951)

James Lew Meehan was a highly visible presence in budget Westerns from the very early '20s to at least 1944.

A lead villain in silent oaters starring lesser-known cowboys like Lester Cuneo, Bill Patton, and Al Hoxie, Meehan's florid acting style can be enjoyed today in such silents as Blazing Arrows (1922) and Red Blood (1926) -- the now veteran actor usually found himself demoted to that of anonymous henchman after the advent of sound.

He appeared in a total of 207 films between 1921 and 1944.

Available Films

Blazing Arrows (1922)

The Man From Oklahoma (1926)

Just Ttravlin' (1927)

Where the North Holds Sway (1927)

The Sky Rider (1928)

The White Outlaw (1929)

The Hunted Men (1930)

Mystery Mountain (1934)

Range Riders (1934)

Feud of the West (1936) - Hoot Gibson Double Feature #2

The Feud Maker (1938) - Bob Steele Double Feature #3