Albert S. Rogell
(08/27/1901 - 04/07/1988)

Born in Oklahoma City, Albert Rogell moved with his family to Spokane, Washington, when he was a child. At 15 he got a job with the Washington Motion Picture Co. Having gotten a taste of the film business, he headed to Los Angeles after the company went bankrupt, and had a succession of jobs before joining up with director George Loane Tucker, with whom he learned the business from the ground up. After Tucker's death Rogell was hired by producer Sol Lesser to direct shorts. A feature director from 1923, his output was mainly "B" pictures, but he specialized in tight little action films and westerns, such as In Old Oklahoma (1943), and turned out the charming fantasy Heaven Only Knows (1947). He left film production in the 1950s and moved over to television.Seeking more info...

Available Films

Thundering Hoofs / Galloping Gallagher (1924)

The Red Raiders (1927)

Li'l Abner (1940)