Erle C. Kenton
(08/01/1896 - 01/28/1980)

Erle Cauthorn Kenton entered films as an actor with the Mack Sennett troupe. In addition to acting, he performed pretty much any kind of behind-the-scenes job he could get, and by 1919 Sennett gave him a job directing two-reel comedies. The next year he graduated to features, while specializing in comedies (he directed two of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's in Pardon My Sarong (1942) and Who Done It? (1942)), Kenton also branched out into the horror field, with such efforts as House of Dracula (1945), House of Frankenstein (1944)) and the classic: Island of Lost Souls (1932). In the 1950s, like many of his B-picture colleagues, he turned to television and finished his career there.

Available Films

Bare Knees (1928)

Escape to Paradise / Everything's on Ice (1939)