Fred Scott Double Feature #2

Stars: Fred Scott, Al St. John, Jean Carmen, Marion Weldon, John Merton, Harry Harvey
Director: Sam Newfield / Bernard B. Ray
Runtime: 60 Minutes / 63 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  B&W
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price:  $9.95

Knight of the Plains

Director: Sam Newfield

Fred Scott  ... Fred
Al St. John  ... Fuzzy
Marion Weldon  ... Gale Rand
John Merton  ... Carson / Pedro de Cordoba
Richard Cramer  ... Clem Peterson
Frank LaRue  ... J.C. Rand
Lafe McKee  ... John Lane
Emma Tansey  ... Martha Lane
Steve Clark  ... Sheriff Dykes

Fred and his sidekick Fuzzy have their cattle rustled and find themselves tangled up Clem Peterson's plot to grab all the land in the valley with a forged land grant. 60 minutes

In Old Montana

Director: Bernard B. Ray

Fred Scott  ... Fred Dawson
Jean Carmen  ... June Allison
John Merton  ... Ed Brandt
Harry Harvey  ... Doc Flanders
Walter McGrail  ... Joe Allison
Wheeler Oakman  ... Jim Dawson
Frank LaRue  ... Theodore Jason

Fred and his pal Flanders roll into the Lobby Valley posing as a musical medicine show hopping to get to the bottom of growing tensions between the cattle barons and the sheep herders. 63 minutes.