Frank Coghlan Jr.
(03/15/1916 - 11/07/2009)

Frank Coghlan Jr. or Junior Coghlan  appeared in 127 films between 1920 and 1969.

The son of a railroad clerk/pro boxer, Frank Coghlan Jr. was born in Connecticut and soon moved with his parents to California, where all three did extra work in silent pictures. Freckle-faced Coghlan was soon one of the era's most popular child actors, but with the advent of sound he was reduced to smaller parts. After starring in the milestone serial Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), Coghlan became a naval aviator in World War II.

He later headed the Navy's motion picture cooperation program, acting as liaison between the Navy and the Hollywood studios. When his 23-year active duty stint ended in 1965, he returned to acting in movies and on television (where he had a supporting part in the pilot of the "Captain Marvel"-like comedy series "Mr. Terrific" (1967)).

He wrote his autobiography "because my kids just kept bugging me to do it", does the occasional TV commercial and is a popular figure at movie conventions where, to the amazement of the 80-ish "Junior", fans still line up to meet Captain Marvel's alter ego.

Available Films

Rubber Tires (1927)

Last of the Mohicans (1932)

Hell's House (1932)

It Never Rains (1933)

The Little Red Schoolhouse (1936)

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941)