House Peters
(03/12/1880 - 12/07/1967)

Known to movie lovers as "The Star of a Thousand Emotions," British-born American silent screen actor House Peters began his career on a high note, playing the handsome as the leading man in The Bishop's Carriage, co-starring Mary Pickford, in 1913.

Peters was in Los Angeles already by 1914, becoming one of the first screen stars to permanently settle there. Although he stated publicly that he preferred playing villains, Peters, curly haired and pleasantly dimpled, was from the outset typecast as the romantic hero.

After enjoying his greatest success as the good-bad hero of The Girl of the Golden West, Peters found his career at the peak of the early 1920s. He signed with Universal for six pictures in 1924, hoping for a comeback. However, the results were mostly mediocre and he was soon declined to supporting roles. Retired after 1928's Rose Marie, Peters returned for a guest appearance in The Old West, a 1952 Gene Autry vehicle that also featured his son, House Peters Jr.

He appeared in 56 films from 1913 to 1953.

Available Films

The Leopard Woman (1920)

Silk Husbands and Calico Wives (1920)

Head Winds (1925)

Raffles (1925)