Sarah Padden
(10/16/1881 - 12/04/1967)

Throughout her career Sarah Padden starred in more than 170 films.

She was active in films from 1926 to 1955. Usually cast in peppery maternal or spinsterish roles, Padden was seen to good advantage in the films of such B-entrepreneurs as Republic, Monogram, and PRC. Her larger roles include Sam Houston's mother in Man of Conquest (1939) and the philanthropic millionairess in Reg'lar Fellers (1940). During the late '40s, Sarah Padden was cast as Mom Palooka in Monogram's Joe Palooka series.

Available Films

Reg'lar Fellers (1941)

The Mad Monster (1942)

Private Snuffy Smith (1942)

So This Is Washington (1943)

Wildfire (1945)