Kermit Maynard Double Feature

Stars: Kermit Maynard, Barbara Worth, LeRoy Mason, Joan Barclay, Harry Worth
Director: Ray Taylor / Charles Hutchison
Runtime: 51 Minutes and 54 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

The Fighting Trooper

Director: Ray Taylor

Kermit Maynard  ... Burke
Barbara Worth  ... Diane La Farge
LeRoy Mason  ... Andre La Farge
Charles Delaney  ... Blackie
Robert Frazer  ... Jim Hatfield
George Regas  ... Henri
Walter Miller  ... Sergeant Leyton
Joseph W. Girard  ... Inspector O'Keefe
Charles King  ... Henchman Landeau
George Chesebro  ... Renee
Nelson McDowell  ... Woodsman Nels
Lafe McKee  ... Trapper
Artie Ortego  ... Indian Henchman
Rowdy  ... Rowdy, La Farge's Dog

Royal Canadian Mountie Burke takes on the hunt for bandit Andre La Farge after his superior Sgt. Leyton is murdered, but decides to infiltrate the gang after hearing some conflicting rumors. 51 minutes

Phantom Patrol

Director: Charles Hutchison

Kermit Maynard  ... RCMP Sergeant Jim McGregor
Joan Barclay  ... Doris McCloud
Harry Worth  ... Dapper Dan Geary & Stephen Morris
Paul Fix  ... Henchman Jo-Jo Regan
George Cleveland  ... Inspector McCloud
Julian Rivero  ... Frenchie Le Farge
Eddie Phillips  ... Henchman Emile
Roger Williams  ... Henchman Gustaf
Dick Curtis  ... Henchman Josef
Rocky the Horse  ... Jim's Horse

Noticing his resemblance to noted author Steve Norris wanted Gangster Dan Geary moves to kidnap the Norris and assume his identity to hide out from the law at the author's secluded Canadian cabin. But the plan starts to unravel when Norris' admires, Mountie Jim McGregor and his girl Doris, show up. 54 minutes