Rex Lease
(02/11/1903 - 01/03/1966)

Born Rex Lloyd Lease was initially interested in the ministry when he decided to devote his life instead to acting. In what would be a rollercoaster ride of a career, he set his sights on Hollywood in 1922 and broke into silent films as an extra and bit player.

His first lead role came in A Woman Who Sinned (1924); three years later he was elevated to star status after his lead role opposite Sharon Lynne in Clancy's Kosher Wedding (1927). Within a few years the exceedingly handsome actor had made it into the co-star ranks of romantic drama, jazz-age comedy and rugged action.

He played romantic leads in numerous mysteries, drawing-room dramas, and comedies, and easily made the transition into the sound era. In the mid '30s he began specializing in Westerns and action serials, and last starred in 1936; after that he played supporting roles, both as the heroes' buddies and low-down villains, in dozens of B-Westerns and serials.

He had a durable career overall, appearing in well over 300 films.

Available Films

The College Hero (1927)

Chinatown After Dark (1931)

The Cowboy and the Bandit (1935) / Rough Riding Ranger (1935)

Cyclone of the Saddle (1935) / Fighting Caballero (1935)

Custer's Last Stand (1936)

Ten Laps To Go (1936)

The Clutching Hand (1936)