Betty Bronson
(11/17/1906 - 10/19/1971)

Born Elizabeth Ada Bronson (November 17, 1906 Trenton, New Jersey - October 19, 1971 Pasadena, California).

Bronson's film career began at age of sixteen with a bit part in the film Anna Ascends. At seventeen, author J. M. Barrie personally chose her to play the lead in a film of his work Peter Pan which would be released in 1924. This film role had been sought by both Gloria Swanson and Mary Pickford.

Betty Bronson became an instant success in the year following the release of Peter Pan. She had moderate success for the rest of her career. Bronson's first sound film was in The Singing Fool with Al Jolson.

She continued film roles until 1933 when she married Ludwig Lauerhass. Bronson did not appear in films again until 1937 in Jungle Menace. She resumed acting in the 1960s and her last film role was uncredited in the 1971 film biography Evel Knievel. She did some television appearing in Dr. Kildare and her last television appearance was in Marcus Welby, M.D. in 1971.

Available Films

Are Parents People? (1925)