John Bowers
(12/25/1885 - 11/17/1936)

John Bowers, real name John E. Bowersox, was an American silent film actor who starred in ninety-four films including short subjects.

Bowers was born in Garrett, Indiana, to George and Ida Bowersox.

He attended Huntington Business College in Huntington, Indiana, where he became interested in acting. He joined a stock stage group and traveled until he landed in New York in 1912, where he appeared in Broadway productions.

He began his film career in 1914. Within five years, he became one of the most popular leading men. During his career he co-starred frequently with Marguerite De La Motte, whom he later married.

Like many silent film stars, when talkies became the standard, Bowers' career collapsed. Bowers committed suicide by rowing a boat into the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica, California, and drowned. He was fifty years old. His life is often identifed as inspiration for the Norman Maine character in the 1937 film, A Star is Born.

Available Films

Betsy Ross (1917)

Godless Men (1920)

Lorna Doone (1922)

The White Sin (1924)