Gaston Glass
(12/31/1895 - 11/11/1965)

First Major Screen Credit: Cameron of the Royal Mounted (1921)

A handsome matinee idol from France, with a pronounced widow's peak, Gaston Glass often starred in Northwest melodramas the likes of Cameron of the Royal Mounted (1922) and Call of the Klondike (1926), but also appeared in more mainstream Western fare such as Untamed Justice (1929).

A victim of talkies, Glass left acting to become a production manager for Poverty Row's only woman producer, Fanchon Royer, and later functioned as an assistant director at 20th Century Fox. He was married to Hollywood chorus girl Bo Peep Karlin.

He appeared in 100 films between 1917 and 1943.

Available Films

The Lost Battalion (1919)

Flying Fool (1925)

Her Sacrifice (1926)

In The Tentacles of the North (1926)

The Clutching Hand (1936)