Mae Busch
(06/18/1891 – 04/19/1946)

Annie May Busch was born in Melbourne, Australia and worked in both silent and sound films in early Hollywood. Mae was a member of a musical family. She first appeared on stage and then in vaudeville.

She worked at Keystone Studios and, most memorably, with Laurel and Hardy at the Hal Roach Studios.

Over the years she was well billed in many films, including being directed by Erich Von Stoeheim in The Devil's Passkey and Foolish Wives (1922). Although 1927 was the year of her first movie with Laurel and Hardy, it wasn't until Unaccustomed As We Are that she first played Mrs. Hardy, the role that she will always be remembered for. She was Mrs. Hardy again in Their First Mistake (1932), Sons of the Desert (1933), The Private Life of Oliver the Eighth and The Bohemian Girl.

Mae's Hollywood career lasted over 30 years, appearing in 132 films from 1912 until 1949.

Available Films

The Clutching Hand (1936)