Ruth Royce
(02/06/1893 - 05/07/1971)

Ruth Royce was a vaudeville and silent film actress from Versailles, Missouri.

Royce appeared in the serial, A Valuable Dagger, which starred Eddie Polo and C. Normand Hammond (1919). In 1923 Royce, along with other Hollywood actors, participated in a vaudeville show at Universal City. Royce assisted Joe Bonomo with a Strong Man act.

She performed in a number of western movies over the years like California in '49 (1924), Warrior Gap (1925), Fort Frayne (1926), The Oregon Trail (1923), In The Days of Buffalo Bill (1922), Perils of the Yukon (1922), Rawhide (1926), Wolves of the Desert (1926), and Code of the Cow Country (1927). The latter was Royce's final film.

Available Films

California in '49 (1925)

Officer 444 (1926)