Lige Conley
(12/05/1897 - 12/11/1937)

Born Elijah Crommie

American silent-screen comic Lige Conley entered films with the Keystone Company as Lige Crommie in 1916, appearing opposite future director Malcolm St. Clair in Dollars and Sense and other two-reelers. Changing his last name to Conley, Lige became a star for Poverty Row's Educational Pictures which, despite the name, was a purveyor of two-reel comedies under the Mermaid brand name.

Conley later played small supporting roles in features as well, one of which, Sally, Irene and Mary (1938), was released posthumously. In fact, Conley had just finished filming a scene for this film with comedian Fred Allen when he was killed by a truck while crossing nearby Pico Boulevard.

Available Films

Films of Lige Conley (1924-26)