Edith Thornton
(05/26/1893 - 12/24/1957)

Edith Thornton was the wife of silent-screen action star/producer/director Charles Hutchison, Edith Thornton appeared almost exclusively in the films of her husband, including the serials The Great Gamble (1919), The Whirlwind (1919), and Lightning Hutch (1926).

Thornton basically retired at the advent of sound but did return to the screen twice: in The Danger Man (1930), a re-edited feature version of Lightning Hutch that came complete with a music score and sound effects; and The Mystic Hour (1933), as heroine Lucille Powers' aunt.

She functioned as set designer on her husband's Born to Fight (1936), a low-budget version of Peter B. Kyne's 1911 short story To Him Who Dares.

Available Films

Lightning Hutch (1926)