Bob Steele Double Feature #3

Stars: Bob Steele, Margaret Marquis, Charles King, Marion Weldon, Karl Hackett
Director: Robert N. Bradbury / Sam Newfield
Runtime: 53 minutes / 55 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Bob Steele Double Feature #3

Last of the Warrens

Director: Robert N. Bradbury

Bob Steele  ... Ted Warren
Margaret Marquis  ... Mary Burns
Charles King  ... Kent
Horace Murphy  ... Grizzly
Lafe McKee  ... Sheriff Blake
Charles K. French  ... Bruce Warren
Blackie Whiteford  ... Slip Gerns
Steve Clark  ... Henchman Spike

Ted Warren returns home from the Great War only to find everyone believed him dead, including his Father Bruce and his sweetheart Mary, and his father has lost the family ranch because of rustlers. All of it is a plot, from someone who has held a long grudge against the Warrens. 53 minutes

The Feud Maker

Director: Sam Newfield

Bob Steele  ... Tex Ryan aka Wind River Kid
Marion Weldon  ... Sally Harbison
Karl Hackett  ... Rand Lassiter aka Ross Landers
Frank Ball  ... Ben Harbison
Budd Buster  ... Cowlick Connors
Lew Meehan  ... Jake Slaven
Roger Williams  ... Sheriff Manton
Forrest Taylor  ... Marshal John Kincaid
Jack C. Smith  ... Nelson
Steve Clark  ... Mark - Cowhand
Lloyd Ingraham  ... Hank Younger

Tex Ryan is a wild, reckless fighting fool and just what his uncle Hank Younger needs to settle the trouble brewing at his Bar-Y Ranch. 55 minutes