Fingerprints Don't Lie - Cause for Alarm!

Stars: Richard Travis, Loretta Young, Sheila Ryan, Barry Sullivan, Sid Melton, Bruce Cowling
Director: Sam Newfield / Tay Garnett
Runtime: 55 minutes & 74 minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

An Noir Double Feature

Fingerprints Don't Lie

Director: Sam Newfield

Richard Travis  ... James Stover
Sheila Ryan  ... Carolyn Palmer
Sid Melton  ... Hypo Dorton
Tom Neal  ... Prosecuting Attorney
Margia Dean  ... Nadine Connell
Lyle Talbot  ... Police Lt. Grayson
Michael Whalen  ... Police Commissioner Frank Kelso
Richard Emory  ... Paul Moody
Dee Tatum  ... Connie Duval
George Eldredge  ... King Sullivan
Rory Mallinson  ... Brad Evans
Karl 'Killer' Davis  ... Rod Barenger
Zon Murray  ... Defense Attorney
Syra Marty  ... Syra, the Blonde Model
Forbes Murray  ... Judge Edwin Monroe

Mayor Palmer is murdered and James Stover testimony as a fingerprint expert is crucial in convicting Paul Moody of the crime. But what is Stovar to do when he begins to doubt Moody's guilt, after all he knows that fingerprints don't lie. 55 Minutes.

Cause for Alarm!

Director: Tay Garnett

Loretta Young  ... Ellen Jones
Barry Sullivan  ... George Z. Jones
Bruce Cowling  ... Dr. Ranney Grahame
Margalo Gillmore  ... Mrs. Edwards
Brad Morrow  ... Hoppy - Billy
Irving Bacon  ... Mr. Carston - Postman
Georgia Backus  ... Mrs. Warren
Don Haggerty  ... Mr. Russell
Art Baker  ... Superintendent
Richard Anderson  ... Lonesome Sailor

An ordinary Tuesday in July for suburban wife Ellen Jones becomes harrowing when her invalid husband begins to suspect she and his doctor are conspiring to kill him. 74 minutes