Clarence Badger
(06/09/1880 - 06/17/1964)

Clarence G. Badger was working in a photoengraving studio in San Francisco in 1906 when the Great Quake hit. Among the buildings destroyed was the one that housed the studio he worked in. Now unemployed, he drifted to Los Angeles and got a job at another photoengraving studio, this one just down the street from the Mack Sennett studios. He got to know Sennett, and eventually he was hired away from the photo studio as a gag writer and later director for Sennett.

His most noteworthy films include It, starring Clara Bow, more than a dozen features and shorts starring Will Rogers, and two features starring Raymond Griffith, Paths to Paradise and Hands Up!

Available Films

Paths to Paradise (1925)

Hands Up! (1926)