Richard Thorp
(02/24/1896 - 05/01/1991)

After working in vaudeville, on the stage, and in early movies, Thorpe launched his directing career in 1923. After directing dozens of low-budget comedies and westerns, his talents were recognized in the mid-1930s when he went to work for MGM. Louis B. Mayer valued efficiency in his directors, and Thorpe prided himself in bringing a production in under budget -- which would be key to his remarkable longevity in Hollywood. He had no particular style, directing mechanically on the premise of keeping the camera rolling until an actor blew a line (or a scene suffered a mechanical malfunction) and then going back and completing it with a close-up or reaction shot). Mechanical or not, his technique worked. Though he never directed any blockbusters, he was a solid and dependable, directing 185 films  over four decades, working in all genres before retiring 1967.

Available Films

Burn 'em Up Barnes (1921) actor

Galloping On (1925)

Desert of the Lost (1927)

The Lone Defender (1930)

Grief Street (1931)

Murder on the Campus (1933)