Paradise Express - Telephone Operator

Stars: Grant Withers, Dorothy Appleby, Judith Allen, Arthur Hoyt, Warren Hymer
Director: Joseph Kane / Scott Pembroke
Runtime: 52 minutes + 52 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

A Grant Withers double feature!

Paradise Express

Director: Joseph Kane

Grant Withers ... Lawrence 'Larry' Doyle
Dorothy Appleby ... Kay Carson
Arthur Hoyt ... Phineas K. Trotter
Maude Eburne ... Maggie Casey
Harry Davenport ... Jed Carson
Donald Kirke ... Armstrong
Arthur Loft ... Glover
Lew Kelly ... Tom Wilson
Anthony Pawley ... Stymie
Fern Emmett ... Landlady
John Holland ... Gus
Robert McClung ... Harmonica Player
Bruce Mitchell ... Train Conductor
Guy Wilkerson ... Skinny Smith
George Cleveland ... Farmer Beasley

Larry Doyle shows up to try and save a railroad company but first he must convince the founder and his daughter of his good intentions. Then he’ll have to deal with the railroad’s rival, a crooked trucking company. 52 min

Telephone Operator

Director: Scott Pembroke

Judith Allen ... Helen Molly
Grant Withers ... Red
Warren Hymer ... Shorty
Alice White ... Dottie Stengal
Ronnie Cosby ... Ted Molloy
Pat Flaherty ... Tom Sommers
Greta Granstedt ... Sylvia Sommers
William Haade ... Heaver
Cornelius Keefe ... Pat Campbell
Dorothy Vaughan ... Mrs. Molloy

A pair of tough and wild telephone linesmen roll into the Riverdale exchange and are quickly smitten, and cooly rebuffed, by the telephone operators they meet there. Their work in the sleepy town is complicated by a brawl with their boss, the drama of fling and a dam about to burst. 52 minutes