Norman Taurog
(02/23/1899 - 04/07/1981)

Norman Taurog begin in show-business as a child actor, on the stage as early as 1907, but was soon working behind the camera as a prop man and editor.By 1919 he was directing two-reel comedies starring Larry Semon and others. During the silent era he directed comedy shorts almost exclusively but transitioned to sound features quite successfully. Taurog became the youngest-ever director to win an Oscar at age 32, for the film Skippy (1931), which featured child actor Jackie Cooper, his nephew. He worked with many of the big studios included Paramount, Fox and MGM and before he retired, had directed such well know sound stars as W.C. Fields, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Elvis Presley.

After he retired in 1968 he taught at the University of California School of Cinema and remained a board member of the Director's Guild. He became blind towards the end of his life, but for his last years served as director of the Braille Institute in Los Angeles.

Available Films

Larry Semon Comedies - Volume #1 (1918-27)

Larry Semon Comedies - Volume #2 (1917-25)

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