Ruth Mix
(07/13/1912 - 09/21/1977)

Born Nadine Ruth Jane Mix

Ruth Mix was the real-life daughter of silver screen legend Tom Mix, and was born in Oklahoma in 1912 to Mix and Olive Stokes Mix. She was doing silent films in the mid 1920s.

Despite his clout in the industry, Tom Mix's brunette daughter enjoyed only a rather sporadic screen career. At age 14 she starred in at least three Westerns produced by Ward Lascelle, but they quickly disappeared among the usual flotsam of poverty row quickies and she abandoned films in favor of vaudeville. A stint with the Earl Carroll's Vanities was none too successful and neither was a brief marriage to Broadway actor Douglas Gilmore which papa Mix reportedly had annulled. Ruth Mix returned to the screen in four cheap Westerns with Rex Bell and former child actor Buzz Barton from 1934 to 1935, and there were several serials from low-budget company Stage and Screen. But producers apparently thought the Mix name would be enough and gave her very little to work with. Leaving Hollywood for good in 1936, Ruth Mix traveled with her father's wild west show before retiring to private life with her second husband, a rancher.

In total, Ruth Mix made a dozen or so westerns and serials, none of which were for the major production companies.

Available Films

The Tonto Kid (1934)

The Clutching Hand (1936)

Custer's Last Stand (1936)