Rin Tin Tin
(09/1918 - 08/10/1932)

Rin Tin Tin was a shell-shocked pup found by American serviceman Lee Duncan in a bombed-out dog kennel in Lorraine, France, less than two months before the end of World War I. He was named for a puppet called Rintintin that French children gave to the American soldiers for good luck. The dog returned at war's end with Duncan to his home in Los Angeles, California.

Nicknamed Rinty by his owner, the dog learned tricks and could leap 11 feet 9 inches. He was seen performing at a dog show by film producer Charles Jones, who paid Duncan to film Rinty. Duncan became convinced Rin Tin Tin could become the next Strongheart.

The dog's big break came when he stepped in for a recalcitrant wolf in The Man From Hell's River (1922). Rin Tin Tin would be cast as a wolf or wolf-hybrid many times in his career, though not looking like one.

His first starring role, 1923's Where The North Begins, playing alongside silent screen actress Claire Adams, was a huge success often credited with saving Warner Brothers from bankruptcy. It was followed by Shadows of the North (1923), Clash of the Wolves (1925), A Dog of the Regiment (1927), Tiger Rose (1929) and The Lightning Warrior (1931). His financial success for Warner Brothers inspired several imitations from other studios looking to cash in on Rin Tin Tin's popularity.

Available Films

Where the North Begins (1923)

The Lighthouse by the Sea (1924)

The Clash of the Wolves (1925) *not available*

The Night Cry (1926)

The Lone Defender (1930)

Skull and Crown (1935) / Pride of the Legion (1932) (Jr.)

The Test (1935) / Vengeance of Rannah (1936) (Jr.)

Carly of the Mountains (1936) / Death Goes North (1939) (Jr.)

Law of the Wolf (1939) Rin-Tin-Tin III