Hellfire (1949)

Stars: Bill Elliott, Marie Windsor, Forrest Tucker
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Runtime: 89 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Trucolor
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95


Director: R.G. Springsteen

Bill Elliott ... Zeb Smith
Marie Windsor ... Mary Carson / Doll Brown
Forrest Tucker ... Marshal Bucky McLean
Jim Davis ... Gyp Stoner
H.B. Warner ... Brother Joseph
Paul Fix ... Dusty Stoner
Grant Withers ... Sheriff Martin
Emory Parnell ... Sheriff Duffy
Esther Howard ... Birdie
Jody Gilbert ... Full Moon
Louis Faust ... Red Stoner
Harry Woods ... Lew Stoner
Denver Pyle ... Rex
Trevor Bardette ... Wilson
Dewey Robinson ... Cheyenne Bartender

After an itinerant preacher saves his life gambler Zeb Smith takes up a preacher's faith and also his quest to build a church. Unable to get the donations he needs he is presented with another option by his old friend Marshal Bucky McLean: help capture the infamous female desperado Doll Brown for her $5000 reward! Only Zeb decides saving Doll Brown's soul is more important too so he tracks her down to convince her to turn herself in. But Doll Brown is determined to find her missing sister and she isn't going to let a man or the law get in her way. 89 minutes.

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