The Mystery Trooper (1931)

The map to a hidden mine is torn in two and villains try to recover both parts to find the mine's location.

195 Minutes

Chapter Titles:

 1. Clutches of Death
 2. The Perilous Trail
 3. Shadows of Evil
 4. The Pit of Doom
 5. Escape From Danger
 6. The Devil's Warning
 7. Path of Fate
 8. Fangs of the Killer
 9. The Phantom Warning
10. Fight to the Finish


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The Mystery Trooper

The Mystery Trooper

The Mystery Trooper
a.k.a. Trail of the Royal Mounted

Directed by Stuart Paton & Harry S. Webb

Robert Frazer ... Jack Logan
Blanche Mehaffey ... Helen Holt
Buzz Barton ... Billy Holt
Al Ferguson ... Jean Gregg
Charles King ... Henchman Mack
William Bertram ... Chief Red Eagle
White Cloud ... White Cloud, a wild horse

Stars: Robert Frazer, Blanche Mehaffey, Buzz Barton, Charles King
Runtime: 195 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  Blu-ray DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR

Price: $19.95