Glorifying the American Girl - Dixiana

Stars: Mary Eaton, Eddie Cantor, Rudy Vallee / Bebe Daniels, Everett Marshall, Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey
Director: John W. Harkrider, Millard Webb / Luther Reed
Runtime: 87 Minutes / 99 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  B&W (Dixiana with Technicolor ending)
Format:  Two DVD-Rs (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

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improved image quality now offered on two discs.
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Glorifying the American Girl

Directed by John W. Harkrider and Millard Webb

Mary Eaton ... Gloria Hughes
Dan Healy ... Danny Miller
Kaye Renard ... Mooney
Edward Crandall ... Buddy Moore
Gloria Shea ... Barbara
Sarah Edwards ... Gloria's Mom
Eddie Cantor ... Himself
Helen Morgan ... Herself
Rudy Vallee ... Himself

This early musical, produced under the personal supervision of Florenz Ziegfeld for Paramount Studios, is a backstage melodrama about finding happiness through fame and success on the stage. 87 Minutes


Directed by Luther Reed

Bebe Daniels ... Dixiana Caldwell
Everett Marshall ... Carl Van Horn
Bert Wheeler ... Peewee
Robert Woolsey ... Ginger Dandy
Joseph Cawthorn ... Cornelius Van Horn
Jobyna Howland ... Mrs. Birdie Van Horn
Dorothy Lee ... Nanny, Pewee's Girl

This operetta stars the lovely Bebe Daniels and Metropolitan Opera Star Everett Marshall. The music is by Harry Tierney and the dances are by Pearl Eaton. You can also see Wheeler and Woolsey do their stuff with the charming Dorothy Lee, who co-starred in many of their films. Complete with the Technicolor ending. 99 Minutes