Escape By Night / Desert Escape

Stars: William Hall, Anne Nagel, Warren Hull, Isabel Jewell
Director: Hamilton MacFadden / Sam Newfield
Runtime: 65 Minutes / 64 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Escape by Night

Directed by Hamilton MacFadden

William Hall .... Nicholas Allen
Anne Nagel .... Linda Adams
Charles Waldron .... Pop Adams
Steffi Duna .... Josephine "Jo" Elliott
Ward Bond .... 'Spudsy' Baker / Murray Alper .... 'Red' Graham
Dean Jagger .... 'Capper' Regan / George Meeker .... Fred Peters
Bill .... Bill the guide dog

A group of criminals on the run hide out in an abandoned farmhouse. They find themselves being "looked after" by a friendly dog, and soon afterwards they meet a blind man and his young daughter, and they begin to rethink the direction their lives have been taking. 65 Minutes

Desert Escape
a.k.a. Marked Men

Directed by Sam Newfield

Warren Hull .... Bill Carver
Isabel Jewell .... Linda Harkness
John Dilson .... Dr. James Prentiss Harkness
"Wolf" .... Grey Shadow
Paul Bryar .... Joe Mellon
Charles Williams .... Charlie Sloane
Lyle Clement .... Marshal Dan Tait
Budd Buster .... Mr. Marvin, druggist
Al St. John .... Gimpy, a thug
Eddie Fetherston .... Marty, a thug
Ted Erwin .... Mike, a thug
Art Miles .... Blimp, a thug

Six Fugitives Break For Freedom! The setting: Tempe, Arizona, and the surrounding desert. The story revolves around Bill Carver, who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. What makes this movie worth watching is his interaction with Grey Shadow, the dog and the old-fashioned sentiments expressed by the main characters. 64 Minutes.